Elenco dei prodotti per la marca Mad Springs

Azienda produttrice molle e assetti sportivi.
Since 1976 MAD has been developing solutions for the automotive industry, with continuing focus on drivers. Nowadays, everyone wants to drive in comfort and safety, but especially to be able to enjoy the pleasure of being behind the wheel. MAD is a specialist company with the emphasis on customised work and quality. Since 1998, this is underscored by the fact that it has been part of Viba Holding. We start with an experienced research team and we never stop. That MAD is the choice of professionals and, incidentally, of the major inspection authorities, is confirmation of this fact. Success is not a matter of chance. MAD is fitted by garages throughout the world. Select distributors ensure quick delivery and after-sales service. They provide short lines of communication and quick responses to market needs. Why not put us to the test? MAD's products come with maximum support for the car manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, garage and consumer. We're always there when you need us!

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